Siobhán publishes traditional scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, academic blogs and articles for The Conversation. Her general academic research profile is here.  Orcid ID Profile is here.

She also produces Non-Traditional Research Outcomes (NTROs), as practice-based research: usually narrative podcasts and audio documentaries. See this short article for discussion of how she situates NTROs as academic research.

Siobhán’s current research focus is how podcasting is developing as a new medium. She is interested in how podcasting can extend the impact of journalism, include marginalised voices and build connection. She is also examining the aesthetics of narrative podcasts and how podcasting may develop in culturally diverse and non-Anglophone settings, such as Asia.

See her short article on teaching Chinese journalists about podcasting.


McHugh, S, w Richard Baker, Rachael Dexter, Kate Cole-Adams, Tom McKendrick (2019). The Last Voyage of the Pong Su. Podcast, 10 x episodes, 6hrs 7mins. The Age. NTRO.

McHugh S, w Greg Muller, Evan Martin (2019). Gertie’s Law. Podcast, 12 x episodes, c. 10hrs. Supreme Court of Victoria. NTRO.

McHugh, S, w Richard Baker, Rachael Dexter, Greg Muller, Tom McKendrick (2018). Wrong Skin. Podcast, 6 x episodes, c. 4hrs. The Age. NTRO.

McHugh, S. Heart of Artness (2018-19), podcast series, 6 x episodes, c.4hrs. NTRO.


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My Doctorate awarded 2011 with commendation from Prof Alessandro Portelli of University of Rome. Title: ‘Oral History and the Radio Documentary/Feature: Intersections and Synergies.’

My dissertation (90,000 words) is now available online. It asks how oral history and the radio documentary form can inform each other, theoretically and practically. Contains some great insights from radio practitioners and oral historians, as well as a detailed case study of the making of Marrying Out, my award-winning documentary on mixed-religion marriage and family conflict.