Assessment by Richard Kingsford, Professor of Environmental Science, UNSW, here

A book that reveals the hidden history of the New South Wales cotton industry, including mismanagement of irrigation licences, lack of regulation of pesticide use, exploitation of Aboriginal workers and overweening arrogance of some cottongrowers – a history that led to the troubles of the Murray-Darling river basin today.

Cottoning On: Stories of Australian Cotton-Growing (Hale & Iremonger 1996)

Shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s History Prize 1997

Science broadcaster Robyn Williams launched Siobhan’s groundbreaking history of the Australian Cotton Industry. The Environmental Protection Agency changed the laws on pesticide spraying after its release.

Robyn Williams launches 'Cottoning On', October 1996

Siobhan’s ABC Radio National broadcast, ‘Cotton’, Okham’s Razor 1997, was shortlisted for a EUREKA SCIENCE PRIZE

PUBLISHED AS  McHugh, S. A. 2003, ‘Cotton’, in R. Williams (ed), Asimov’s Elephant, ABC Books, Sydney. pp174-80