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The following books are out of print, but can be ordered direct from me:

1. Minefields and Miniskirts: Australian women and the Vietnam War (Lothian 2005): $35, mailed within Australia. See reviews below:

Review by Donald A Ritchie, US Senate Historian and noted oral historian and author, in Oral History Review (USA)Don Ritchie review M & M

2. Cottoning On: stories of Australian cotton-growing (Hale & Iremonger 1996)  $35, mailed within Australia. See reviews below:

Assessment by Professor Richard Kingsford, Professor of Environmental Science, University of New South Wales, and eminent commentator on the Murray-Darling Basin Kingsford assessment

Australasian Systematic Botany Society

Author’s note: Happy to do signed copies! Add who inscription is to be for.